Optimal data acquisition methods
to data analysis and utilization
Data-driven store management

オフラインでの消費者の行動データを取得、分析可能なStore360 Insight
Store360 Insightの分析画面

Naturally done in EC
Analysis of customer
behavior before purchase

Store360 Insight
makes it possible


Store360 Insight provides an environment where anyone can easily analyze big data by acquiring offline consumer behavior data and using AI. Store360 Insight also collaborates with various data such as POS data, weather, and TV commercials to provide powerful support for integrated, data-driven store management.

Do you have any of these issues in store management?

Not sure if you are choosing the best solution

Inability to conduct data-driven store management, such as measuring the effectiveness of VMD measures

No/few people capable of analyzing advanced big data

Store360 Insight solves the issues!


Acquisition/analysis of invisible
pre-purchase offline data

Store360 Insight is not only the number of store entries, but also the trade area, storefront traffic, number of visitors, and drop-in rate per sales floor can be consistently analyzed with the optimal solution for your company. You can identify bottlenecks by analyzing comparisons with other stores.


New generation BI with intuitive
data search and automated
analysis by AI

The billing system is not based on the number of IDs but amount of data. The AI automatically analyzes millions of possibilities in a variety of analysis axes.


Integrated analysis is possible
Data collaboration

MA/advertising/App PF/EC/POS/CRM/inventory/human resource data can be linked and integrated analysis is possible. Regardless of whether it is your own or another company's product, we can propose the best solution from a variety of options and link data.

We can do it because we are a solution vendor
Proposing optimal solutions that are not limited to
our own products

Deep understanding of your business model based on thorough interviews

Consulting, procurement, and provision of the best data integration and devices for your company's data acquisition and utilization


Visualization of various consumer behavior data

Data on the percentage of store visits based on the amount of traffic outside the store


Easy-to-understand data on product interest


Graph trends in store visits and purchases by day of the week and time of day


Graphical display of visitor gender and age


Graphical display of visitor gender and age

Easy-to-understand, easy-to-use analysis functions for everyone

Easy-to-install pricing to support small start