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店舗DXを実現するStore360 UX

Based on consumer visit history and digital measure history

Personalized in-store communications based on consumer visit history and digital campaign history

A key KPI in retailers' app strategies is whether they are deepening app usage and customer engagement in the physical store. Store360 UX provides a variety of in-store real-time engagement features for retailers' official apps to activate in-store app usage and accelerate the digital transformation of the retail industry. Based on accurate in-store visit detection technology, you can pre-register your favorite options from a variety of in-store visit communication initiatives to achieve full automation and optimal engagement.

All you need to do is install our SDK in your official app!

Real communication based on behavioral history

1st visit to the store

2st visit to the store

3st visit to the store

Store360 UXが可能にする消費者の行動履歴に基づいたコミュニケーション
Store360 UXが可能にする消費者の行動データに基づいたコミュニケーション
Store360 UXが可能にする消費者の行動履歴に基づいたコミュニケーション

*In addition to store visit history, a variety of message delivery conditions can be specified by combining

customer attributes, stores, and behavioral status

Store360 UX Features

Strong support for app engagement strategies

By introducing our Store360 UX SDK into official apps, apps can add in-store menu functionality for in-store use with no additional development required. When a consumer enters the store, the beacon and SDK will work together to provide "in-store menu," "digital stamps," and "in-store menu" as shown in the video on the right. Store360 UX provides a variety of benefits such as increased customer spend, store visit rate, data acquisition, and active rate for app users.

Store360 UX Beacon




Product Specification

  • BluetoothLowEnergy chip: nRF52832
  • Firm Ware: Tangerine nearME flxWar
  • Power Source : 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Carrier Frequency : 2.4GHz
  • Communication Distance : Max. 50m
  • Supported Mode : LINE and iBeacon
  • Size : 72mm (H) x W x D (18mm)
  • Weight : (including batteries) 109.0g

5 the performance and 1/2 the price of competitors' products 

※in this company's comparison

Store360 UXビーコンの寸法、サイズ
  • Certified as Japan's first Google Certified Beacon Partner
  • Unique security to prevent unauthorized use
  • Latest power-saving design with a battery life of more than 2 years, reducing maintenance costs

System overview of Store360 UX SDK and beacons

店舗DXを実現するStore360 UXのシステム概要

(1) Receive beaco

OS receives beacon and notifies Store360 UX SDK

(2) Notification of beacon reception events

Store360 UX SDK notifies Store360 Cloud of received beacon information

(3) Determination of action to be taken/return of specified action

Store360 UX Cloud determines the action to be taken according to the store, campaign, location journey, and other settings. Store360 UX Cloud determines the action to be taken based on store, campaign, location journey, etc. The action to be taken is sent back to the SD

(4) Action execution

The SDK performs local notification and executes the action

3 Reasons to Choose Store360 UX

Accurate determination of store visits and in-store circulation

Store360 UX has optimized the linkage between IoT sensors, SDK, and the cloud based on many years of in-store implementation experience and R&D, and provides a function for real-time determination of store visits and in-store circulation. Store360 UX provides a function for real-time determination of store visits and in-store movement.

Visualize consumers' offline behavior and implement measures tailored to each individual

Store360 UX will enable you to visualize the actual status of app member visits and in-store app usage, and implement measures that are tailored to each individual consumer. In addition, the measured data can be used to implement the necessary measures to solve problems.

Maximum store visitation measures can be developed with minimal application modification

One of the major challenges in implementing in-store policies with apps is that app modifications are required for each policy, which causes a time lag and prevents a fast PDCA cycle for various policies. If the Store360 UX SDK is installed in a company's app, it will be possible to continuously replace and verify various in-store communication measures without app modifications.

Introducing Company

Store360 UXの導入実績